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Kyri Studio

adi SAMB - Sneaker candle

adi SAMB - Sneaker candle

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Brand new: our Adi SAMB sneaker candle!

This newest addition to our sneaker candle collection is made from rapeseed wax. 

Kyri Studio is the OG Sneaker candle creator from The Netherlands that hand makes their sneaker candles completely from A to Z. The sneaker candles are made out of an actual original baby sneaker. 

The Adi SAMB sneaker candle is available in five different colours: White, Beige, Pink, Blue, and Green. As each candle is hand-poured, the colors of the sneaker candles may slightly vary per candle. The sneaker candles do not contain any scent. 

To get the most out of the sneaker candle, please read our candle care guide.

*sneaker candles are made from the right baby sneaker and are sold per piece. 



  • Length: 14 CM
  • Height: 6 CM


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