About us

Hi there,


Welcome to our website! Kyri Studio is a small candle company

located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. Our mission is to create

art accessories that brighten up your home.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, it became apparent that the

process of creating candles inspired us to turn our ideas into

products and share our creations with the world.


Born out of boredom and continued with passion, Kyri Studio

individually creates hand-poured candles.

Because of the special shapes of our candles, creating each candle

is taking a lot of effort and time. Additionally, each candle is unique

as the colors may vary due to the hand crafting process.

We choose to use rapeseed wax for our candles because this is

a natural and vegan wax that is sustainable, animal friendly, and has

 a reduced carbon footprint. This makes our candles eco-friendly.